Woah I can see! HD eyesight + awesome hindsight

Reading copy on a computer screen all day finally eroded my vision. Of course, I didn't notice until I almost failed my eye test for a Pennsylvania license. I got myself to LensCrafters and got some sweet Prada cat eye frames.

And holy crap, was I blind! How did I not notice? Suddenly, those sunbursts became traffic lights, I could read words across the room and everything went from 360p to HD. I'd been walking around the world missing all this detail.

So in honor of my new sight, I've come up with a list of things that I was blind to at one point in my life but that I now see. Oh yeah. I'm about to get all philosophical and shiz.

1. I'm totally clueless.

In my teens, I behaved as if not being the best and not knowing everything were simply out of the question. I was proud that I had my act together, thinking I really knew myself, and I was very judgmental of people who I thought didn't. 

I know, absurd. But over time, I realized that I didn't know everything, including who I was (still don't), and it was oddly liberating. It was OK to change an opinion. It was OK to not have any opinion. It was OK to just be human and be open to learning and looking stupid if necessary in the process.

2. I'm pretty resilient.

I can't even tell you how many times I thought something happening to me was the end of the world. You get to a point when you think that any additional iota of pain will finish you, and then whatever you're scared of happens, and then ... you're fine.

3. Sometimes, I'm a real jerk. 

It happens.

4. People are kind.

Not always, but enough times to surprise me. When I'm sure someone's going to bail on me, especially when I'm certain that they won't come through, they prove me wrong.

And on a related note, I'm learning that people are too wrapped up in themselves to really notice your failures much or judge you at nearly the level you worry they will. Really, our dramas of the day aren't that interesting to onlookers.

5. Be in on the joke.

Laugh. Laugh when it hits the fan. Laugh when it feels like you are the world's punchline and punching bag. Find something comical in the ridiculous suckfest of it all. And make someone else laugh, too.

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