Sunday Pinspiration No. 6

Happy Sunday! We still have a good chunk of summer left, but as soon as the calendar said "August," everyone got into the fall mentality.

Fall is when everyone gets ready to go into hibernation mode before winter. Then the snow melts, and we do our "spring cleaning." I want to pare down and organize before the Big Chill, carrying as little baggage as I can into my cave — and making room for Christmas presents!

We can look forward to pumpkin spice lattes and comfort food, to a drop in temperature requiring snuggling, and to grown men crashing into each other and patting each other's butts. Now that I live  in a sports town, I am eager to finally understand football. My friend Jill already has my back in my quest to learn Sportuguese and be a legit Steelers fan.

More fall fantasizing after the jump!

There's lots to love about fall. We get to layer creatively and it's warm enough to show off each piece rather than be bundled up. I love infinity scarves and other lightweight knits. Looking into my fashion crystal ball, I predict that gray and purple will be the season's prevalent shades.

I foresee that the moody weather shift will usher in more time indoors, so why not use that to create and enjoy art? Just looking at some paintings on Pinterest makes me want to go to a museum right now.

I'm crazy stoked for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and might squeeze in the time to reread the book before the movie. 

To end on a beauty note, Halloween is coming soon enough, and I can't wait to experiment with all sorts of costume makeup and prosthetics that I can then show you! God willing, I have lots of fun stuff on the way.

To the week ahead!

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