Shop Your Makeup Personality: The Jenna Marbles

Hey there, Friendship! We continue the Shop Your Makeup Personality series with a tribute to one of my YouTube brethren, the funny and #sexual Jenna Marbles.

The Jennarafficorn. Majestic.

I was first introduced to Jenna's videos by my friend Brittany, and I've been hooked ever since. Her sense of humor is so witty and relatable, with astute social commentary (she does have a master's in psychology, you know) and the filthiest filthy language you've ever heard. The video that put her on the map was "How to trick people into thinking you're good looking," where she puts on her "hot girl disguise." In honor of the video that started it all, let's take a closer look at Jenna's makeup personality as deduced from her many videos on the subject.

Does this sound like you?

You like to look fresh-faced during the day, but when the lights go down all bets are off.

You want to look like you really tried hard, but want to be able to get ready fast.

Your preferred look: California dime. Step 1 for you is always "get a tan."

Your challenges

Ruining all your clothes with fake tan.

Losing an eyelash while drunk.

Your shopping list

Unlike in previous posts, some of these items aren't ones I've personally tried — they're items Jenna has used or talked about on her channel. I'll make the distinction where appropriate.

Shop Your Makeup Personality: The Jenna Marbles

Jenna's all about the tan, but she goes the noncancerous route as far as we've heard. I've had good experiences with spray tanning booths. It's much easier and faster than doing it yourself and dyeing your hands orange. Just be sure to exfoliate before, and boost your glow with bronzer after. I love anything from Physicians Formula. Jenna doesn't just contour with bronzer: She uses it all over her face, which is how she evens things out if her foundation isn't a perfect match. And take it down the neck!

For foundation, Jenna has said that she uses MAC Studio Tech, a very heavy, creamy foundation, for her videos, and wears Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover liquid foundation during the day. I've tried neither, but the Make Up Forever one is very popular.

Miz Marbles has professed her love for Rihanna, and recently tweeted about buying her MAC lipstick, RiRi Woo — it's basically Ruby Woo, renamed. She also loves lip gloss and anything "pink and shiny." I've discovered Rimmel Stay Glossy and think it's a fantastic formula that doesn't feel too gloopy and sticky. Jenna is also notorious for carrying a truckload of different lip glosses in her purse. If you crave variety, try the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie From Day To Play set of minis. The shimmery ones don't have the grit found in other glittery glosses, and the formula has a less intense plumping/tingling effect than the Buxom lippies.

For eyes, it's matte shadows for the win. I love the Lorac Pro palette, which has eight matte shades and eight shimmery ones. Naked Basics by Urban Decay is another good buy. Jenna uses NARS eyeshadow duos (she also uses their blushes), does the darker shade in the crease and then cleans up by just rubbing her eyebrows in mimicry of "your own parent judging you." She's a fake-eyelash pro and loves the cheapies. My favorite cheapies I've tried were some Sonia Kashuk ones from Target — they were also the most comfortable lashes I've encountered. And as Jenna has ranted, if you're going to take the time to do eye makeup and glue something onto your face, you need to fill in your damn eyebrows! I use the NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil.

Sometimes, you want to get really weird and over the top with your night-out look. Jenna's ever-changing colored streaks can be achieved with hair chalk and kept until your next shampoo.

I leave you with two of Jenna's videos that I find relevant. Enjoy, and if you're at work, wear headphones — girl has a gutter mouth.

Oh, and if anyone wants to buy me that T-shirt, she's got them right here.

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