FOTD: Barest hint of an effort

Sometimes, especially on my days off, I just do not care. I won't put clothes on until I absolutely have to because walking around in public in the buff is frowned upon, and I won't run a comb through my hair or wear makeup.

Well, the hair is just there being left to its own whims, but I did put on a tiny bit of makeup and get dressed. Instead of liquid foundation, I used the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation. The more I use this, the more I love it because it looks so natural and is a cinch to apply with a buffing brush.

I brushed my brows and set them with Maybelline Great Lash clear mascara. I filled in just the sparse areas with my NYX Automatic Eyebrow Pencil in Charcoal. I'm wearing no eye makeup, not even mascara. Since I got my specs and learned I can now get away with more eye makeup (I assumed the opposite was true) I've been rocking heavy liner, so I'll feature that look soon.

Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Natural Beauty continues to be the one blush to rule them all. With my new glasses, I'm experimenting with placing blush on the apples of my cheeks. Just when I'd gotten used to wearing it on the cheekbones!

The last simple step was lipstick. I caved and got MAC Rebel — this is why I sometimes hate duping shades, because I tend to buy the originally desired one anyway. This shade is stunning worn at pa-pow  intensity. But it's also really pretty just dabbed on lightly as a stain, for that "I've just been eating berry popsicles" effect. If you're interested, swatch the shade in a department store at maximum pigmentation. It is not for everyone.

Speaking of eating sweets, I made marshmallow fondant last night! It was my first time using fondant. Next time, I'm getting pre-made fondant. While it turned out scrumptious, I had melted but hardening marshmallows all over my hands and countertops, because the recipe recommended far less powdered sugar than it should have. I had to keep piling in the sugar to get it to transform from goo to dough.

And I had a terrifying experience at Barnes & Noble involving shoddy shelving and some blood, but that's a story for another day.


  1. My last few days have been no care days. I haven't brushed my hair in... :/ Who knows how long lol

    1. Sometimes, we have to have other priorities!

  2. Job well done! I thought you weren't wearing any makeup at all! Looks very natural. I agree that MAC Rebel is not for everyone (ie me) and yes, fondants are yummy! I prefer it with strawberries. :)

    Ty's Blog of Epiphanies

    1. You could rock Rebel! I think anyone can, but not everyone wants to.

      Ooh, strawberries and fondant. Great idea!