Shop Your Makeup Personality: The Elle

Legally Blonde is my ultimate feel-good movie. Whether I'm feeling inadequate and insecure or just going through a big change, I return to this movie because within the glittering farce is an empowering message. No one takes Elle seriously until she makes them. And as she demonstrates the full talents of her legal mind, she still turns it out on the beauty and fashion front.

Does this sound like you?

You're always decked out, whether at work, school or just running errands.

You keep up with fashion magazines and know all the makeuping basics — when you turn to YouTube tutorials, it's for the advanced tips!

You love to pamper. It's an essential, not a luxury!

You're a fan of all things pink and sparkly.

Your challenges

Not getting bored with your routine.

Buying too much makeup and STILL not feeling like you have enough (can you tell The Elle is the archetype yours truly associates with?)

Your shopping list

Shop your makeup personality: The Elle

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The Urban Decay Feminine Palette has a gorgeous shimmering champagne pink shade called Bordello. That's the perfect start for The Elle's glamorous and girlie look. It has a few neutrals and some brights, so it's very versatile and should hold you over from buying another palette for, oh, another week and a half. Because you're up for the challenge of the tricky stuff, you need some liquid liner like this felt tip one from Eyeko so you can master your cat eye.

I love my CHI flat iron. If you grab a section of your hair and twist, you can curl your hair, so you can create lots of different looks with one tool. Of all the irons I've tried, I find it to be the most efficient and least damaging. To keep your hair looking healthy and bouncy, use Bed Head After Party. It adds shine, masks split ends and makes your hair feel soft, and was first recommended to me by a bleached-blonde pal.

For a natural blush, I'm loving Tarte Cheek Stain in True Love. And for lips, The Elle has to have every pink she can get her hands on! For understated, go for Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart. For more oomph, I'm digging Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Risk It All. If you're going clubbing (or just feel like being extra glittery!) try Urban Decay Super Saturated in Big Bang, a bold magenta with very obvious silvery and pink glitter.

And because every Cosmo Girl has the classics down, you need a red lipstick for super special occasions. MAC Russian Red is a classic, blue-toned matte.

Finish off with mascara and some lashes, like Katy Perry Eylure in Sweetie Pie. They can pass for the real thing. 

For scenting yourself and your pink résumé, you need a perfume that stands out. This was a tricky recommendation to decide. Perfume is a very personal thing. Jo Malone's Red Roses is like being hit over the head repeatedly with the most fragrant rose bouquet. It's very pretty ... but I like it in small doses and have to be in the right mood for it. I think it's worth checking out a store because it's pretty amazing for what it is, and it's unmistakably feminine and romantic. Very Elle Woods.

Don't forget even the tiniest details! Two lovely nail polishes are Lancome Vernis in Love in Rose Boudoir and Essie Play Date.

After you've kicked your day's butt like a boss, you deserve a treat. Lush Sex Bomb in the bathtub is the most decadent, fragrant, soothing treat. I always giggle when I first toss it in under the water and watch it fizz and turn everything hot pink. The ylang ylang scent is hypnotic, and there are tiny petals that float around you.

Are you an Elle, too? Let me know in the comments! And make sure to check out Part I of the series, The Tai.

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