The Lazy Jerk Method: Ombré manicure/Skittling

It's called "skittling," and it's killing your kids!

(Remember that South Park episode where the kids were all "cheesing" and those lame news broadcasts warned parents about it? I thought skittling sounded like that when I saw it mentioned in Lucky Magazine, and it turns out that there is a "skittling" that is killing your kids, but this isn't that, so let's move on, and don't do drugs, chillens.)

Ombré, or color gradient, has been a trend for quite a while, starting with hair — dark roots gradually lightening, with the ends lightest — and being applied to everything from wall paint to manicures.

I have two China Glaze ombré manicure kits. Each set brings four colors and sponges so you can place a little of each color side by side on a flat surface, dip the sponge in and then paint your nails with it, leaving a blended color gradient. The effect is trés cool but time-consuming and messy, and I find there's no better way to mess up a manicure than by trying to clean it up and make it neater.

So I present to you the Lazy Jerk Method Ombré Manicure, which combines the gradient trend with skittling, which is painting each nail a different color.

I started by choosing five colors for each hand (10 in all, if you are math-challenged). The ombré kits were a good starting point, but I needed one more shade than included and wanted a wider variation between some of the shades. I decided that on each hand, I would do the thumb with a darker OPI Liquid Sand shade. That incorporates another trend of the accent nail, but on the thumb rather than the ring finger.

On my left hand, the gradient effect is perfect. It looks like the colors are all the exact tone but with different levels of depth. On my right hand, I worried less about that and just kept the colors blue and green and tried to arrange them lightest to darkest. This is a Lazy Jerk manicure, after all. Why be bothered with perfection?

This is the perfect manicure if you're like me and have more polishes lying around than you ever use, have a hard time picking a color because you like them all so much or just like a fun distraction from typing once in a while.

The purples:

China Glaze Sweet Hook (pinky)
Essie Play Date (ring finger)
China Glaze Spontaneous (middle finger)
China Glaze Grape Pop (index finger)
OPI Can't Let Go (thumb)

The blues:

China Glaze Aquadelic (pinky)
China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise (ring finger — this one is STUNNING!)
Illamasqua Noble (middle finger)
Essie Butler Please (index finger)
OPI Get Your Number (thumb)

I get my polishes at Ulta for the most part. You can find some of the China Glaze Ombré kits here.

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