Sunday Pinspiration No. 1

The comforting smell of salt in the air is so vivid in my memory, which just makes me miss the beach even more. When it gets this hot out, it's constantly on my mind.

Another scent that drives me crazy? Guerlain Shalimar. I'm more than toying with the idea of purchasing the flapper favorite, which I have a hard time describing but can't stop sniffing ever since I sprayed some on my wrist at Nordstrom today. I think I like it, but it's so intense and more complex than other fragrances I've worn.

Maybe if I feel daring enough to wear Shalimar, I'll dare to wear a floral crown, or at the very least put something floral in my hair. I love florals in general at the moment, and brights, the brighter the better! There's so much glorious clashing to be had with summer colors. Just look at those rainbow crochet Toms!

 Here's to an inspiring week ahead!

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