Benefit Hello Flawless! Custom Powder Cover-up review

Benefit Hello Flawless! Custom Powder Cover-Up is a powder foundation with SPF 15. It comes in a compact with a magnetic closure and a perforated compartment to hold a sponge and brush. Is this powder truly flawless? Read my review and check out my video after the jump!

Since I started using this late November, I've loved it and loathed it in equal measures at times. Now I've realized that I've only loathed it the times that I've worn it over liquid foundation. This is a product that is best used on its own, maybe over a little spot concealer if you really want the coverage.

It goes on like buttah, and reminds me a bit of the texture of Bare Minerals powders, although it's been ages since I've used those. When I layer and blend this with the included sponge (the brush is pointless — flat brushes do no one any favors) I can get close to total coverage of my hyperpigmentation. It feels lighter than a liquid, has good lasting power and won't melt off your face like a liquid might in the heat.

This Benefit powder is a great solution if you just can't be bothered with foundation, but still want decent coverage. The size is small enough to fit in your bag. Experiment first with it to make sure you have the application down, because like I said in the video, no one wants to look like the floor of a bakery.

Have you tried a powder foundation? Do you think they're better than liquid foundations, or is the look not your preference?

My naked-as-a-jaybird face
After the powder. Blush and lipstick are necessities after applying this, unless you want to look like a ghost!

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