Be inspired by these beauty dares

Experimentation is the name of the game. Unless you're getting tattooed eyeliner, you can always wash makeup off. But you just might like that bright pink eyeshadow you think you can't pull off, or have an easier time using lipliner than you imagine you will.

Take some creative risks with your makeup. Here are a few to get you started:

Have a little girl do your makeup. The Pixiwoo sisters had a blast with this one! Let your little sister, your niece, your daughter, whatever tiny human is in your life do whatever she wants to your face (maybe don't hand her the really pricey products, though). She'll be so happy and have such a fun time, and you can be inspired by her complete fearlessness with color and the way she just slaps makeup on you without knowing what things are for! Plus, seeing the end result is a great way to not take your own appearance so seriously.

Wear a red lip every day for a week. Even better if it's a different red. The more you wear it, the less you'll fear it, and there's no easier way to feel like a sexy bombshell. My favorite is probably MAC Red. I'm also just loving Rimmel Apocalips/Show Off in Big Bang.

Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang
Streak your hair with a bright hair chalk or clip in colorful streaks. Braid sections, weaving the bright pieces into the human-hued ones. You can find this stuff at Sally's.

Put on blush and no other makeup. Smile! It's amazing how pretty and energetic blush makes you look. By using it without mascara, foundation or lipstick, you'll see how naturally lovely you really are. I talked about a blush that I think suits everyone in my May favorites video.

No need to fear falsies! I first learned how to apply fake eyelashes at a MAC counter. The process isn't difficult, just sort of a pain in the ass. Get some cheap lashes and some DUO glue at the pharmacy, and be patient! The trick, like with eyeliner and mascara, is to get as close to the lashes as possible. I also like to apply mascara after they're on, because it binds the fake lashes to your real ones for a natural look. You'll feel mad glamorous when they're on, although they can feel like a caterpillar is napping on your lids.

Try purple lipstick. I've been playing around with Covergirl Embrace and Wet n Wild in Ferguson Crest Cabernet, more of a purplish red. Or you could ease into it with MAC Plumful, a sheer purple-toned pink.

Give yourself and a friend a $20 or $30 budget and pick out makeup for each other. You might find a new favorite! Plus, a friend is likely to pick stuff you'd never pick for yourself (or that she'd pick for herself, for that matter).

Go overboard. Break the No. 1 makeup rule and go heavy on the eye and lip makeup. Don't be a baby about it: No one is telling you to go to church like that! But a dark, smokey eye and hot pink lip is perfect for the club. Think of it as a disguise!

Make a Pinterest board filled with any editorial makeup photo or even street style images that provoke you to think, "I would look ridiculous if I did that." Commit to replicating one of those looks on the weekend.

Give yourself twiggies!  Channel the sixties with drawn-on bottom lashes just like Twiggy. Make sure you have Q-tips and makeup remover handy as you draw little lines from your bottom lashes and down a few millimeters. Try to taper the lines so they end in a point. I used Eyeko Skinny liquid liner in Turquoise, which honestly was much better for the winged eyeliner than the twiggies (it takes longer than such a tiny stroke to really get the color going with it), but I made it work. Finish with mascara (I've come to quite like Clinique Bottom Lash) and white eyeliner on the waterlines. Yeaaah, baby!


What other beauty dares should we try? Have fun, and if you accept one of these dares, make sure to tweet me a pic @LizAndStripes!

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