5 o'clock quick fix: Tipsy Chocolate Banana Shake

My secret identity as a journalist means that for me, Friday is not the beginning of my weekend — it's my Monday! But for all you normals out there who are gearing up for your days off, I've got an easy cocktail to get the party going!

Yesterday, I was at the store and got to sample some liqueurs. One beverage I tried was Adult Strawberry Milk, which tastes just like strawberry Nesquik and is vodka-based. So I decided to buy a bottle of the chocolate version. While I'm sad to say that Adult Chocolate Milk doesn't have the similarity to chocolate Nesquik that I was hoping for, it was still tasty. It's good on its own or as a mixer  in this 21 and older concoction.

You'll need:
3 oz. Adult Chocolate Milk
1 banana
Hershey's chocolate syrup to taste

Blend together the Adult Chocolate Milk, the banana, as much Hershey's syrup as you'd like depending on your sweet tooth, and ice. 

Before serving, hold a martini glass on its side and turn it while creating a spiral with the syrup. Pour in the cocktail. Makes two servings.

Now yinz drink responsibly!

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