3 You Need: MLBB (My Lips But Better) shades for effortless perfection

My preference is a bold lip color or none at all — I'm happy when I'm wearing fuchsia and red, and when I just have balm. I've tried peachy lipsticks and found that they wash me out, and I loathe nudes.

The perfect solution, and one everyone should explore, is the MLBB, or the "My Lips But Better" shade.

The goal is to find a shade of lipstick that flatters you so well and looks like a perfected, amped up version of your own lip color. Think of it as what your lips would look like if you were a character in a movie.

I'll share three suggestions that could point you in the right direction, two from the drugstore, and one pricier pick.

First up is a Revlon Lip Butter in the shade Pink Truffle:

This brownish pink is very thick and creamy. It feels great going on but can feel heavy. And it has about the longevity of a balm, which is to say not at all. This is a good choice for tan complexions. I have a suspicion that it would pull more pink on fair girls. I also find that the more you put on, the less pink it looks, so it really depends on what look you want and how much you smack on.

Next up is a Kat Von D Painted Love lipstick in Lolita:

This shade has a nondrying matte finish, closer to a satin. It's pinker and less shiny than the Revlon Lip Butter. Longevity is average. The packaging is gorgeous, which is the main draw. I think this one has a sophisticated vibe that would work well at the office or out to dinner.

And at last, we reach the triumphant end of our journey, with my personal favorite MLBB shade of the moment, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in the stupidly named Honey:

First off, what about this shade says "honey," Revlon? Not a damn thing. In the tube, this looks like a pale plum, which made me skeptical at first even though I'd heard so many raves about the shade. But it is so much prettier on. It feels light, moisturizing, is a cinch to apply even without a mirror and just looks understated and gorgeous. It catches the light in a way that's far more subtle than a clear lipgloss, the teenage default MLBB. Even with my terrifying mop of hair, I think it makes me look sweet and delicate.

Swatched from left: Lolita, Pink Truffle, Honey

Do you have a favorite MLBB shade? Have any of these been a perfect match for you?


  1. I have the Pink Truffle Lip Butter and I love it. It's tough to find a MLBB shade for more tan skin and this is a really great shade. Now I want to try the Revlon Honey Lip Stain! It looks really pretty.

    1. Honey is perfection. I've even taken to using it to prime my lips for other lipsticks!