Styling a va va voom dress for daytime

Styling a bombshell dress for daytime

Styling a bombshell dress for daytime by lizofswords

Wearing a more formal dress during the day is simple. Just choose pieces that tone the dress down. I like the way it makes something sexy and over the top seem like something you just threw on as an afterthought.

Wedges are so much more comfortable than heels, and if you choose on that doesn't have a platform, they look more sleek than clunky. I really love my J. Crew ballet flats, which are similar to the ones I put in this collage, but without the stripes and in a different color scheme.

Denim shirts can be very summery and perfect over a dress. What I like to do is roll the sleeves up, button just the top few buttons and then tie the ends of the shirt in a knot that defines my waist. If you want to add more color, you can drape a scarf underneath the collar of the shirt and let it hang down or do a loose loop.

These post earrings are bold and punky and would create a great contrast with the classic silhouette of the dress. Another casual but high-impact accessory is a colorful braided cuff bracelet. For makeup, keep everything simple and use a glassy gloss like one from Buxom and a natural blush (I like Tarte Cheek Stain or their Amazonian Clay blushes). And since everything else is so vibrant, haul your stuff in a neutral tote, like this one from the Coach Poppy line.   

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