First impressions: Givenchy Dahlia Noir Eau de Toilette

Oddly, my beloved Flowerbomb doesn't smell the same to me anymore. It's too syrupy sweet and cloying. Time to investigate other scents, because maybe I am too young and too inexperienced in fragrance to pick a signature.

I wanted a rose perfume that was youthful, spicy, not too sweet and just a touch woody and naughty. Stella has been described as a gothic, retro floral, but I couldn't track it down at a store.

I purchased Givenchy Dahlia Noir in the eau de toilette formula. It 's described as a "fresh, vibrant interpretation of the original Eau de Parfum for a sensuality that becomes one with the skin," a "mysterious" and elegant scent.

I've heard that this is very different and perhaps better than the parfum. Now, I suck at describing scents, and while I can tell what you had for dinner if you're within a three-foot radius of me, I can't pick out "notes" in perfumes. But with Dahlia Noir, I can sense the scent evolve on my skin. First, there's the citrus and a hint of sweetness. Then I get a bit of the pink pepper and a certain sorta naturey, foresty scent (scientific terms). That must be the musk and amber, I believe. Then comes the rose. Ooooh the rose. It's gorgeous. It's also got vanilla in there and smells a bit like baby powder when it's been on some time, but I like it. As far as the sillage (a fancy, French-derived word that I just learned today and that means scent trail) I'm not sure how close you have to be to smell it, but I have to get my nose right up to the skin to get the fullness of the rose.

I do think I'll like this scent, and definitely want to explore more rose perfumes and anything less saccharine.

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