Tweaking my skincare

For the most part, I have nice skin. I'd say I'm combination/oily in humid climates and more normal/combination in the desert. I've never really had more than a few breakouts, but occasionally I'll struggle with a horrific zit or two, and I do have some little hyperpigmentation spots that seem to never go away.

Because my skin seems to change a lot, I'm always tweaking the products I use to address what I need at that moment. I try to never change everything all at once, preferring to stick to a few products that I know I love and then adding in some new stuff.

Three products that have been consistently in my routine for some time are the Neutrogena pink grapefruit acne cleanser, Simple moisturizer and my Clarisonic Mia brush.

As with many things I buy that cost too much money, I blame the bloggers. Every YouTuber and her mother swears by the Clarisonic. I found the concept of a $100+ face brush ridiculous, and tried cheaper brushes like the Olay one. Well, eventually the devil on my shoulder persuaded me to get a Clarisonic. And I have been drinking the Kool-Aid, y'all. That thing has changed my life. My skin is dependent on it. If I don't use it for a day or two, I break out. The texture is just not as nice. I don't feel like my face is clean without it.

In fact, I got a cystic pimple so bad that I had to take antibiotics for it about six months ago, and now I'm taking more antibiotics because it's STILL unresolved. And I only got it because I was slacking on the Clarisonic.

That being said, since it's still cold out, my skin has felt dehydrated and taut, and using the brush twice a day feels like overkill. So what I'm trying now is just using the No7 Cleansing Water in the morning or washing with my Neutrogena but without the brush, and then at night bringing in the Clarisonic to really scrub all that makeup off. I might switch brush heads from the acne one back down to the sensitive-skin version.

I hadn't heard of a cleansing water until this week, so I'll have to report back how I get on with it. I'm also trying another Boots for Target product, the Expert Anti-Blemish Serum. I love using serums under my moisturizer. They really seal in moisture and make it so my face lotion doesn't just get sucked right up by my thirsty skin. I also like the Lumene Arctic Aqua moisture booster, Burt's Bees Radiance Serum, and the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum. But I'm taking the Boots one for a spin, since it's readily available at Target and inexpensive.

And the last change I've made recently is using a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment instead of salicylic acid, which I think I've developed a tolerance to. I like facial masks, and I think taking a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar and pressing it on a pimple helps dry it out faster.

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