NARS Satin Lip Pencils swatches and first impressions

Today I stopped by my neighborhood Cos Bar, where the lovely ladies there were saving me the new NARS Satin Lip Pencil that I'd been coveting in the shade Luxembourg. But while I was there, I also tried a few other shades of the lippy, and I liked pretty much all of them. There are nudes and brights that will flatter every skintone or makeup persuasion, and you can purchase them here.

These are much more slippery and smooth than other lip pencils I've tried, like the Revlon Just Bitten balm stains, and I like the consistency way more than the Urban Decay Super Saturated pencils, which can feel heavy and greasy. So without further delay, here are some lip swatches.

Palais Royal
This one made me feel like a Hollywood-noir vamp. I can't tell you how pretty this is, and I shy away from any type of dark lipstick because I just feel weird in them. If I were going to pick up another one of these babies — and I just might — it will be Palais Royal. It made me feel like a fancy lady. Or a Bond girl.

This is a great, everyday pink. It's delicate but just enough color to make you look a bit more put-together. I'm sure this one will be popular because of how wearable it is. However, when I splurge, I tend to go for more high-impact shades. Don't I just look like an innocent little cherub? Actually, this might be a worthy investment just so I could fool people into thinking that...

I think the shade Lodhi will look great on some people, but not on me. I am so envious of women who can pull off orangey shades.

And finally, my baby love, Luxembourg. It is so purdy. Just the right mix of pink and red that fades into a lovely stain. This is a shade that I would seriously wear every day because it's so flattering and it adapts to what you're wearing —the pink makes it casual, the red makes it formal. I love love love it. I haven't had a proper test of wear time, and honestly, I'm always eating and drinking coffee, so stuff doesn't wear very long on me at all. But I can say that just on Day 1, the lip pencil does not look scummy and liney and bleedy as it wears away, the way a lot of other lip products do.


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