Hot pink blush, dark gray brows? When weird makeup looks incredibly good

A quick preview of more extensive posts/videos to come. On my last trip to Ulta, I picked up two NYX products that might change my life -- a cream blusher in hot pink and an eyebrow pencil in dark gray.

After dyeing my hair black, the conventional wisdom of picking a dark brown brow color just looked off. And black, of course, looked too severe. In comes my dark gray auto eyebrow pencil. The result was so natural -- my brows have never looked neater or better.

And it turns out hot pink blush doesn't make it look like I'm heading to a rave. When it's free of shimmer and super blended, it gives a great, natural glow.

Stayed tuned here and over on my YouTube channel for a favorites of the moment roundup (beauty and otherwise) and my experiments in homemade face masks.

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