Can I print myself a new flat-screen TV? 3D printing and its possibilities will blow your mind

An avant garde, perfectly curve-hugging dress worn by burlesque performer Dita Von Teese. Weapons. A working centrifugal compressor. Sculptures, iPhone cases, guitars.

All of these can be created through 3D printing.

Oh, this old thing? Source

3D printing has apparently been around a long time, but it's becoming more well-known now and will likely be available on the consumer level soon. In oversimplified terms, because that's how I understand it: A digital model becomes a tangible object by "printing" layers on top of layers in any material you can think of, from plastic to metal.

I remember reading on Brit + Co about a concept for "printing" clothing, and then depositing the item back into the machine so it can be broken back up into thread that can be reused. Imagine never wearing the same item twice, being able to completely and easily create a custom wardrobe and save money and resources by reusing materials in the process.

If some guy can make a working firearm with a 3D printer, how far off can an at-home instant seamstress be?

What would you do with this technology? I could see myself printing up elaborate floral vases, protective covers for my phone, wild, colorful costume jewelry. I could print myself new frames for my reading glasses. And my lack of a dining room table wouldn't be an issue if I found myself with sudden dinner guests. Plus, there'd be no more late-night trips to Walmart (a store that creeps me out immensely, especially after-hours) to pick up whatever it is one picks up at Walmart at 2 a.m.

Mashable has some good straightforward information on the topic. And any search for YouTube videos about 3D printing will lead to hours of your life gone. It's fascinating.

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