No fear, Julia

I'd guess most women ease into daring makeup. I think I did the opposite.

I was given a lot of free rein for self-expression with makeup. I was allowed to go to middle school with teal raccoon eyes and bright, glittery orange lipgloss. Did I look ridiculous? Yes. Did I know it at the time? Probably not.

Everyone has a different opinion on what's "out there" and what's normal and safe. But walking over to your version of the wild side, even occasionally, is liberating. All you need is a big smile and some strutting. If you seem confident, you'll give that impression -- it's only ridiculous if it's obvious you're uncomfortable. I tell myself Gaga wouldn't be nervous. Neither would Gwen Stefani. Or I picture Sarah Jessica Parker's SatC wardrobe. Almost anything looks tame next to that.

So I'm giving you permission. Red lips? Rock them. Bright green eyeliner? Go for it. Blue hair, leopard print pants, magenta pumps? You can pull it all off. Anything you want.

And if it's a horrible mistake, you can wash it all off. And pray there are no pictures -- something I learned when I unintentionally dressed as a pirate. I'm almost where I can laugh about it.

So be your sexy, hot-pink-lipped pirate self. It's good for you.


  1. Loveeeee that eyeshadow collective.


  2. Thank you! Maybe it'll make it into a tutorial.