Doctor Strangeknit: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Yarn

I am what you may call a serial hobbyist. Trying new things makes me feel intellectually stimulated, productive and creative. One outlet that I found more gratifying than I would have ever imagined is knitting.

Yes, knitting.

I am aware of the dorky/old lady associations knitting has. And I don't care (anymore). It was recommended to me as a way to deal with an unholy level of stress and anxiety. Like yoga, but just with your hands. With the help of books and YouTube videos, I became a knitting fiend.

I was surprised by how quickly I took to it and how good I got. Knitting is like listening to that Sleigh Bells song "A/B Machines" on repeat. It's hynotic. I could knit myself an adorable winter hat in a day and not realize how much time had passed with my mind totally, blissfully occupied. With knitting, you get into a soothing rhythm. The texture of the yarn is like tactile therapy. The colors are nice to look at. And best of all for me, I can knit while watching TV if the pattern is easy enough.

Aside from the amount of money I spent on yarn, (because the good, nonacrylic stuff and the self-striping Noro yarns are NOT cheap) only good came from picking up that hobby. The last thing I made was that scarf in the picture a few months ago, so I need to pick the needles back up.

Since I began knitting, I've gained so much appreciation for clothes as art. You can go to the store and buy something machine-made and mass-produced, and of course I still do. But when you knit something, you're in control of everything. Sizing, design, color, material. You start to look at clothes differently, recognizing stockinette stitching in T-shirts and seeing ribbed sweaters and thinking, "I could make that!" That to me is the opposite of dorky. It's badass.

Whether you knit, sew, or make one of those silly Capri Sun purses, take some creative control over some aspect of your wardrobe. You'll get such a rush when someone compliments your awesome new item and you get to say, "Thanks! I made it!"

(P.S. Vogue thinks knitting is cool.)

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