DIY tie dye loose cardigan

Do you ever just get a bug in your brain that says, "I HAVE to have something, this thing needs to exist and be mine?" That's how I felt after watching LaurDIY's awesome DIY kimono tutorial. I suddenly had to have one ... but tie dyed. Can you believe I'd never, ever done tie dye before? Crazy.

I bought four yards (I really only needed maybe two) of cotton and, after work, got to cutting and hand-sewing this kimono-inspired cardigan. Let me be totally honest — I did the worst, laziest sewing job. I may or may not own a sewing machine (if it's in this house and I didn't sell it on Craigslist, I have no idea where it actually is). When I tossed this in the dryer after rinsing out the dye, I had to actually redo a sleeve because it completely unraveled. I love the final result enough that I'll probably re-hem it with a sewing machine or ask someone who knows what they're doing with a sewing machine to do it for me. But lack of skill/willingness to make a full-assed effort aside, this was a fun, easy project and it's so on-trend.

I love the Blanche Devereaux goes to Coachella and has taken a part-time job as your eccentric art teacher vibe of this. 

Spring vibes

I'm feeling major flower-child vibes for spring after really leaning into edgier fashions during winter.

Let's break down some of my Pinspiration for my spring sartorial choices:

Floral (and printed) everything: I really want a pair of floral high-waisted shorts. I'm loving prints on everything. I just DIY'ed floral white jeans and sewed up and tie-dyed a kimono inspired cardigan. That's one silhouette I'm really digging and I could see myself getting a few of the drapey pieces and wearing them with cutoffs and gladiators sandals.

Skin-baring cutouts and crop tops: I'm on this body-positive journey and I really want to get comfortable showing a little more skin. That means cutouts, maybe some crop tops paired with higher waistlines to show just a sexy inch or so, and lower necklines perfect for showing off strappy bralettes a la Ilana on Broad City.

High-impact shoes: Fun story. I bought a pair of Chelsea boots and wore them for the first time on the day of a blizzard. I was just sitting in my chair at the office when, suddenly, I heard a loud rip, and the bobo AF elastic had just broken off. I still want a pair of those boots, because I think they'll go with everything and add that rocker touch I like. Less attainable? The Arabian Night Tieks I'm lusting after. I can't really justify dropping $345 on a pair of shoes. Or can I?

Nude lip: I've been leaning toward more natural makeup looks, but want to step my eyeshadow game back up with bright colors paired with nude lipstick.

Hair jewelry and accessories: Can you tell I'm really into florals right now? I've worn a flower in my hair a few times and loved the ethereal, "I'm just dancing through a field" look. And hair jewelry really elevates simple looks like buns. Maybe I'll throw a floppy hat into the rotation, too.

Rose gold hair: I'm flirting with the idea of this as my next hue. That or maybe going caramel blonde, so then I'll be light enough to possibly go bright red when fall comes around. But I'm getting way ahead of myself.

Rompers and full skirts and colored denim!: I want to incorporate really fun statement pieces into my spring wardrobe and wear them in a super casual, "I just threw this on" sort of way.

What are you coveting for your spring wardrobe?


Video: BIG Ulta Haul! Skincare, Brushes, Makeup!

I hauled ALL THE THINGS at Ulta and decided to film it for you guys! I'm so happy with my finds.

Products mentioned:

Real Techniques Sculpting Set

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette

Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Serum

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Cream Cleanser

NYX HD Blush in Taupe

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone

NYX Shine Killer Primer

NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Black

Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer

Every day is a good day for sequins

A sequin skirt goes with everything. Period. You can dress it up or dress it down. This one is from Love, Alana on Etsy. (FYI if you're interested in buying — the skirt is super well-made, but the lining keeps riding up, so just be mindful of that.) I like contrasts and wearing stuff that does not go together at all and making it go together, so I wore it with this adorable Wonder Woman shirt, which I knotted to the side (my new favorite wardrobe hack) and winterized it with opaque tights and my little librarian booties. I think this would be really cute with a boyfriend shirt and you can make it smaller with the knot. Another wardrobe hack I love, especially with boatneck tops? Double-sided fashion tape. I stick it onto my bra straps, press the shirt on, and boom, no having to pull the shirt up constantly to hide my bra straps.

I took a bunch of other shots to show how versatile a sequin skirt is. You can make it look preppy cool with stripes and a cardigan, cozy it up with a sweater, go casual and edgy with a denim shirt or pair it with plaid and accent your waist. 

Are you ready to be daring and add a sequin skirt to your wardrobe?


What failing at a diet program taught me about body image, pleasure and health

I'm writing this while eating a chunk of fondant with a side of pink moscato. Earlier today, I had General Tso's chicken with California rolls and sweet potato tempura.

I've been dieting. Poorly.

My side job in fashion has contributed to me adding to my wardrobe and thinking more about my personal style and how things fit. So I've been shopping. And I've found myself needing to shop — for bigger pants. When waistbands cut through you like fishing line, it's not comfortable, and it's not a good look, and I've been finding high-waisted super-stretch jeans to be a gift from God.

So I wasn't loving how I looked in clothes, or how I looked out of clothes, and I decided to try NutriSystem. None of my failure is because of NutriSystem — I didn't do the program right, and the food is fine, doable as far as taste goes, but the tiny portions left me feeling so deprived, and even for someone used to frozen food, I was still feeling very bad about all my food coming in plastic packages. Again, part of that is on me, because I should have been adding fresh vegetables to my meals.

I failed because I'm not good at structure. I failed because I enjoy being spontaneous and splitting a bottle of wine and having pad Thai with a girlfriend. I failed because, as much as I get bummed when I'm in a Target fitting room and the mirrors make it really easy to check out my bra fat, I don't want to be thin bad enough to give up things that bring me pleasure. I don't really think about my size or weight much or intensely, except when I get in these phases when I just don't like what I see in the mirror.

There's nothing wrong with my body. My curves are bangin', and while the weight has slowly crept up over the years, I've only really gone up a pant size or so. Which happens. What I really need to worry about is my health, because I know I'm out of shape and would feel so much better — and look better in my tight pants — if I exercised. I used to be super into yoga and it really centered me and made me feel strong and in my body, and it calmed my anxiety. And at the time, I ate whatever I wanted. Clearly, what my body needs is movement, not a restrictive diet of packaged foods.

I may never be the girl who wears a crop top on Instagram. I may never have a "bikini body" or be a size 2 like I was in college ever again. But who cares? I'm a girl who bakes and eats cakes, who enjoys ordering pizza at the end of a long day and whose body is whole and free of illness. I'm also a girl who is whip smart, gives great advice, can tear through craft projects like a boss bitch and who tries to make everyone around her feel great about themselves. So what if I have cellulite and a bit of tummy pudge? There's so much more to me than my weight.

And fuck beauty standards that say you have to be a walking hanger and that's the only option for being beautiful. We're all beautiful, and all can get it.

I think I'm done dieting. I'm not done with trying to improve my habits, but when I want a milkshake and fries, I will damn well have a milkshake and fries, and the extra shake that comes with that? I'm OK with being a little bootylicious.

I think you're ready for this jelly.